Fool Angel Entertainment is a predominantly UK based production company focused on developing and producing high quality films for global audiences.

Like most film makers we are in the business of telling stories that appeal to us. Unlike a lot of others however, the stories that seem to inspire us are usually the broad ones.. The big ideas, the big questions, the universal themes.. Perhaps it comes from us having an international background, but the ‘small-town’, the ‘local’ and the ‘parochial’ just isn’t our bag. 

The things that we (as people) all have in common are just generally more interesting to us than the things that set people apart.. It is therefore first and foremost these ‘universal’ stories that grab us. 

Films about things all people can relate to or be affected by are the ideas that we cant turn away from, and feel compelled to make. Fortunately, if we are compelled to see an idea on screen, then usually audiences will be too. So far it’s worked, and that’s what guides us in choosing projects.

On the whole, format and genre are secondary concerns. Short film, feature length, fiction and factual alike - all have a place in our hearts. Though to date Fool Angel has worked primarily in short-form, (short drama, music video etc.) we are currently working on the first two films from our feature length project slate.
Main facts

Making films:
On & off since about 1998

Originally Melbourne Australia, now London, UK

“Make visible what, without you, might never have been seen” - Robert Bresson
the story so far..
Originally founded by Shane Ward in 1998, Fool Angel began as a company that provided freelance technical services to film & Tv production crews in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2004, Shane relocated to the UK where Fool Angel  expanded into independent film production proper, though this was a period characterised by the company’s primary focus on producing self-generated projects - such as several high quality short drama projects that attracted global distribution.

In 2009, Fool Angel Entertainment shifted towards taking on projects for clients alongside developing it’s own films and now - as well as embarking on it’s first feature length film - continues to develop and produce high-end short drama and music video projects.

At Fool Angel we believe that success in the Film & Tv business is built on producing quality work and forging genuine and ongoing business relationships. To that end, when we are fortunate enough to meet other talented, passionate and skilled creative professionals, we like to find ways to continue and grow those relationships wherever possible. Fool Angel is always therefore, on the lookout to build long-term relationships with like-minded production partners to help us build on our production experience to get high quality and interesting films financed, produced and ultimately playing in front of audiences around the world.
Shane says: “I found there was something innately interesting about this chimera. Angelic purity tainted with shadow, burdened somehow and surrounded by the irony and mystery of a faceless jester – something unknowable lurking beneath. I just thought it was a great character that should exist in some mythic world somewhere - a world that I will no doubt portray on film one day”.

This character, with its interesting mix of elements always fascinated Shane, so when the time came to brand his first company with something unique and personal – the Fool Angel stepped forwards.

Sure, it’s a name you always have to spell out over the phone, but at least it’s original, memorable and unique. There is already too much in the world that is impersonal and meaningless, so these traits are ultimately an asset.
why “fool angel”?
Shane is an award-winning Australian/French/British film Director & Producer currently living in London.
He started his film & Tv career working in video productions at the wise old age of 13 where he quickly got exposure to many aspects of the process. He made his first narrative short film four years later which was extremely well received by audiences and marked him as a talent to watch.
Over the next five years Shane continued to study his craft and direct shorts while also working in the corporate video sector. After graduating from film school he began working as a freelance camera assistant.
After four years of building a respectable line of professional credits as a Clapper Loader and Focus Puller across a wide variety of productions from music video and commercials to TV Drama and Feature Films – while also working as a cinematographer and 1st AD on independent projects – he re-focused back to his main passion: directing.
Subsequently, Shane then applied his extensive production experience to directing and producing several bold short films which have received invitations from film festivals around the world and attracted several distribution offers - including the the award winning short
For more information on Shane’s professional credits, 
please view his profile on IMDB.
Pics & Recent Work:

overview of Recent Work
Music Video: “Dug My Own Grave” - Clockworks
Short Drama: “Thirst”
Music Video: “Gone by Morning” - Clockworks
Feature Doc Crowdfunding appeal
Music Video: “Don’t Stop Dancing” - Shoot The Dead
Feature Documentary: Development Teaser
Music Video: “My Fault” - Senadee
drama Thirst. In addition to the short films, Shane has directed and co-produced a pilot for the comedy/drama TV Series Back Home, developed and shot footage around the world for a feature documentary, while also developing another feature drama project on Fool Angel’s slate and directing & producing a number of music video projects.
The people..
Everyone asks.. so ok, here’s the answer...
The character of the ‘fool angel with raven’s wings’ is one that Shane created many years ago while experimenting with oil pastels for one of his personal art projects.