Fool Angel Entertainment

Make visible what, without you, might never have been seen

Fool Angel Entertainment was an independent film production company focused on developing and producing films (of any format or genre) that above all else, had impact.

This outfit is no longer active, and its director (Shane Ward : IMDB.) has left the film & tv industry to pursue a career in a completely different sector.

You can see still see a selection of Shane's greatest hits and most well-received projects below.

Thirst (2012)

Thirst from Shane Ward on Vimeo.

Lost My Way - Official Video

Josh Renton : 'The Long Way' from Shane Ward on Vimeo.

Dug My Own Grave - Official Video

Gone by Morning - Official Video

Don't Stop Dancing - Official Video

My Fault - Official Video

Rupture (2002)

An Echo of Narcissus (2004)